Solar Panel Installation Made Easy

We’re transforming access to renewable energy with reliable, cost-effective and innovative solar solutions that guarantee you savings and peak solar panel performance years into the future.
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Experience solar power like no other

Making the transition to solar has never been so easy. Our team of solar industry experts create and install residential and commercial solar systems that are uniquely designed for your needs.

With no hidden fees, our high quality solar products and after-sales support will help you save on energy costs and make your home energy independent.

Our warranties: as clear as daylight

We are so confident in our solar products and services that we offer the industry’s most comprehensive warranty for solar installations. If they don't perform to the level that we quoted, we’ll either provide you with cash back or upgrade your solar system to make up the difference.
25 year panel warranty
15 year workmanship, mounting & cabling warranty
15 year inverter warranty
Peak performance guarantee

At Yuma, quality is non-negotiable

Forgo the cheap prices of dodgy installers – when you come to us, you'll get a superior service relying on the highest-grade solar products with an Australian presence. Plus, every single one of our electricians is CEC certified; they are directly employed by us and offer a level of expertise unparalleled by anyone else.
Premium tier 1 solar products
with Australian presence
We never subcontract our installations
We employ and train our own certified professionals
We custom design each solar project in-house to your needs.





A better future for you and the planet

We are at the forefront of solar innovation ensuring all Australians have equal access to smarter and cleaner energy today so that they can enjoy a better future tomorrow.

Slash your electricity bill by 50-80%

A top-notch solar setup, installed by experts, can provide a substantial return on investment for 25+ years. This could result in $1,000's saved per year - your system will pay for itself within 3-5 years!

Increased property value

You'll join an increasing number of buyers who are looking for homes with eco-friendly energy solutions like solar – making yours stand out in the marketplace.

Save the planet

We must do all we can to safeguard our planet for future generations. Renewable energy is a fundamental component of the present and an integral part of the future and solar stands at the forefront of it all.

Real Families: Real Savings

The Smith Family

The Lahrs Family

Yuma Energy's professional and knowledgeable team installed a neat solar system, resulting in significant cost savings
70-90% of Energy Supplied by Solar
Paid Back in Only 3 Years
Reduced Bill to No More Than $100
The Simpsons Family

The Fairfull Family

Provided clear explanations, identified needs, and offered superior warranties, resulting in significant savings despite double the usage of energy with our new spa installation.
Saving $650 Per Quarter
Paid Back in Only 4 years
75-90% of Energy Supplied by Solar

Make your home energy independent

Start saving today!

  • Save up to 90% on your energy bills
  • Access to Yuma Platinum Care
  • Financial incentives & tax rebates