How going solar can make your small business more profitable

A fact: Every Australian small business owner, like you, is interested in improving their company's dynamics and processes, so your business can become solid, scalable, long-lasting, and profitable. 

Mark Ceccato

Chief Revenue Officer


March 26, 2023

As an owner, you already know several aspects of your business, such as your desirable market, perfect target group, adequate internal processes, and relationships with your distributors. However, there is one aspect that you need to be aware of that could help your business by maximising resources and becoming more efficient. 

Imagine your company becoming utterly independent on the electricity grid, powered by one of the world's most brilliant renewable energy sources. Imagine yourself relying directly on a natural and powerful energy source while receiving incredible incentives, contributing to the Australian economy, protecting the environment, and saving energy bills all at once.

Sounds great, right? The good news is that this is not just an imagination but a bright and promising reality.  

Solar power has become one of Australia's most reliable and renewable energy sources, and it is becoming a game changer for many small and medium enterprises. 

This article aims to help you understand how your new solar system can make your business highly profitable by boosting your bottom line and offering other benefits you may have never considered. 

Save a lot of money

One of the most compelling reasons small businesses choose to install solar panels is the cost-saving factor. 

Capturing the sun's energy and transforming it into electricity for your business will help you gain partial or total independence from public electricity, and your monthly energy costs will show it.

Depending on the size of your property, the number of solar panels your system has, and your battery storage system, among other factors, you can not only power your property efficiently with your solar system but also, if it produces energy in excess, you can direct it back to the grid and get paid by the government for it. 

Indeed, from spending significant amounts of money on electricity to producing your own, solar for business has become an excellent investment when making your enterprise more efficient in terms of costs and savings.

Have access to financial incentives and business rebates

One of the reasons why solar power is starting to occupy a leading role in the energy industry is the increasing interest from the Australian government toward green and clean energy sources.

For instance, between October 2022-2023, the Australian government announced a $25 billion investment in green energy and renewable energy projects. 

One of the main reasons for such an investment, among other financial efforts, is their commitment to making Australia a Zero Emission country by 2050.

What type of support does the Australian Government provide for commercial solar?

Regarding commercial solar, the government has supported Australian households and small business owners to install solar through interesting financial strategies such as incentives and business rebates. 

For example, the Electricity Feed-In Tariff program was designed to offer rooftop solar system owners that generate excess electricity the opportunity to send it back to the main grid in case they are not using it or storing it. Your electricity provider will pay you for each kilowatt-hour you give back. 

In many cases, such incentives aim to help you pay the upfront cost of your solar PV energy system and finance it through innovative and friendly terms. 

Some solar providers, such as Yuma Energy, offer interest-free loans and help reduce costs on your solar system in collaboration with Brighte.

To apply for such incentives as a small business, you may need to find an installer certified by the Clean Energy Council, as they are the only ones approved by the government for business solar.

Gain customer loyalty through brand reputation

There are millions of people in the world who are concerned about global warming and climate change these days. Their devastating effects on the environment and increasingly alarming speed are bringing into our collective awareness the profound necessity to contribute to preserving our environment and, of course, our lives.  

Based on this general concern, many customers turn their faces to brands aligned with such a vision. Therefore, there is an increasing necessity for companies to become self-sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Here, solar power can play a decisive role in your small business

By installing solar panels, your business will not only build a clean reputation in your customers' minds regarding your positive impact on the environment but also, this altruistic philosophy will help you build stronger relationships with them. 

You will not be attracting customers but loyal friends and partners that voluntarily choose your company based on a mutual understanding of the world's problems and will stay with you because they feel you share their same vision of a better planet.

In summary, installing a rooftop solar system will reduce external energy consumption and, therefore, electricity costs and help your business by attracting faithful clients interested in the planet and those brands who want to preserve it. 

Gain increased energy independence and resiliency

Installing solar panels will help your business gain two highly-valued attributes: sovereignty and independence.

By installing a rooftop solar panel system on your property, you will stop relying only on the primary electricity grid provided by your state. Through it, you will become less dependent on external energy sources. Your business will be less susceptible to power outages and electricity price fluctuations, which are relatively common in some areas of our country. 

Own your own energy

Solar installations can help your business reduce general consumption, avoid uncertainties related to your electricity provider, and enjoy the benefits of owning your own energy.

Small businesses are becoming clean and successful enterprises

High cost-saving efficiency, attractive government financial benefits and solar rebates, and general independence from external electric sources have made solar energy one of Australia's most attractive renewable energy sources for business owners and householders.

However, many small companies have not yet decided to become solar, partly due to general misunderstandings about their efficiency and overall installation cost. The Australian Government is creating more attractive schemes to counteract such beliefs as a response strategy. 

For instance, in programs such as the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme and the Small-scale Technology Certificates, many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are encouraged to install solar by reducing the upfront installation cost of their solar systems based on the amount of electricity they generate and their future contributions to the main grid. 

Do you want to know more about how your business can benefit from a solar system?

At Yuma Energy, we will be delighted to guide you through the process so that you can become independent, self-reliable, and highly profitable thanks to renewable solar resources.  

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