Joel saves $2,600 a year with his 10kW Yuma Energy solar system

With the help of Yuma Energy, Joel installed a 10kW solar system, with higher warranties and performance guarantees than his other quotes. He now saves $650 every quarter, meaning he will break even on his system after four years and profit by over $28,000 over the 15-year life of his solar system.

Yuma Energy Customer


March 26, 2023

When I started looking at solar, it was all too confusing. I received three quotes, but they had a ridiculous difference in price range, and I had no clue of the differences, as all three companies emailed or called me and spent 5 minutes trying to explain their offer. Trying to research further online was a bust, as every website, I looked at provided contradicting information. 

And then Yuma Energy appeared

From the first call with Yuma Energy's team, I could tell they were different, as the gentleman I spoke to asked me a bunch of questions before booking me for a Zoom appointment with one of their specialists.

Solar service made simple 

On the Zoom appointment, the specialist talked me through the industry, showed me how to find the necessary research and checks online, and explained what Yuma offers and why. 

I am usually not willing to spend thousands of dollars based on a quick email proposal that I know nothing about. The Yuma specialist even identified that I had recently installed a spa and showed me the monitoring system from some of their other customers that also have a spa or pool heating pump.

I was shocked to see how much electricity they use. When I bought the spa, the salesmen did not mention how much they could cost you on your power bill.

"Thanks to the Yuma team for their professionalism and ability to clearly explain solar to a newbie like me. If I hadn't found Yuma Energy, I would not have proceeded with solar." - Joel Fairfull.

Helping clients save real money

My existing power bill before the spa was only $400 per quarter; however, the specialist showed me that my bill could easily jump to $800 with the spa installed and suggested a larger 10kw solar system. 

It turns out this was the perfect size solar system for me. My bills are now only $150 per quarter, even after my usage doubled due to the spa; saving $650 a quarter means I will break even on my system after roughly four years. 

Outstanding solar warranties

The two major inclusions in the Yuma offer were their minimum 15-year warranties compared to the five years from my other quotes and their money-back performance guarantee. Over the 15 years, I should profit by over $28,000. I bought solar to save as much money as possible, so this was music to my ears!

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