Tammy reduces energy bill to only $100 per quarter

Tammy's average quarterly invoice use to range from $600 to $900 before Yuma Energy installed her solar panels. Now it has been reduced to only $100 after installation. Yuma Energy made the process easy and communication between their staff was key throughout the job.

Yuma Energy Customer


March 26, 2023

I am a foster carer with children that live with childhood arthritis. I needed to keep my house cool in the hotter months and warm in the cooler months. I also have a large pool that requires heating for big chunks of the year so the children can keep their aqua physiotherapy happening throughout the whole year.

Why Yuma Energy?

I chose Yuma because it is a local business. The staff was professional, thorough, and sometimes hilarious. It honestly felt like I had family working around my home. My project was a larger residential one, requiring quite a few staff. 

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

The end product is very neat. Everything is perfect. The systems in my garage are tidy and not at all an eyesore. I needed external wiring, which required a conduit. The guys were very thoughtful during the entire process.

"If you are reading my comments, please heed these next words: CHOOSE YUMA! You will not be sorry. In fact, you will sit back, relax and let them do all the hard work!" - Tammy Lahrs 

Real savings through solar energy

Before Yuma installed my solar panels, my average quarterly invoice ranged from $600 to $900, depending on the season. Currently, I either get a credit or an invoice that is at most $100, depending on seasonal usage. 

Making solar installation feel simple

Yuma Energy could not have made the process any easier for me. Caring for 5-6 high-need children full time as well as having no knowledge of this topic myself, they took all the worry and anxiety away for me and made this a seamless experience. 

I recommend Yuma Energy to anyone, residential or commercial. The professionalism and knowledge this company has is next level. Not only the job itself but the workers work as a team. Communication is key, and this happens throughout the whole job.

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