What to look for when choosing from the best solar installer

Here are some essential factors to consider when looking for the perfect solar panel installer for your solar power system.

Mark Ceccato

Chief Revenue Officer


March 26, 2023

Back in the time, solar energy used to be a big question mark for most people. Solar panel installation practices, warranties, qualifications, maintenance, performance, and efficiency; there were too many aspects to consider before deciding to choose solar energy as our primary source of electricity. Fortunately, things have changed for the better.

Nowadays, it is commonly known that solar power is the number one renewable energy source in the world, and we can access detailed and abundant information about its advantages, characteristics, benefits, and performance. However, there are still many things to consider regarding the installation process, especially when choosing a professional installer that does the perfect job based on your needs and your property's main features. 

Experience, product quality, and certifications, among other factors, are crucial and will determine which solar panel installers can provide a good service in the installation process and the long-term relationship you will build with such a provider. 

Even though many companies in Australia can install solar panels, only a few can provide lifetime support and a piece of professional advice whenever needed.

Here are some essential factors that you may need when looking for the perfect provider for your solar power system:

Solar installation qualification and experience

It is one of the most relevant aspects to consider when hiring a solar installer for obvious reasons.

Of course, relying on a company just starting in the solar business is different from hiring a solar installer with years of experience, successful case studies, and happy customers. As with any professional activity, the hard-to-earn daily experience defines the quality of the installation service, the fluidity of the process behind it, and the amount of saving on your electricity bills.  

In addition, more than 900 solar companies in Australia have gone bust in the last eight years, equivalent to almost 40% of all solar installations in our country. If you hire a dubious company and your system fails, you may need to hire an external service provider, and it could cost you thousands of dollars.

Another factor to consider is if your solar provider hires their installation team directly or subcontracts external service sources. Why? Because most solar installers with verified experience in the market know that the quality and commitment of their installation teams are essential to offer a premium service.

For instance, at Yuma Energy, we never subcontract our installs. We directly employ certified installers, ensuring that all installations follow the company's principles and guaranteeing our reputation and customer satisfaction.  

When looking for your perfect solar installer, we highly recommend you consider experience as a decisive fact.

Product and equipment quality

If you are thinking about turning to solar energy, we advise you to thoroughly research the product quality of your potential solar provider.

As with every service, choosing companies that focus on delivering high-end products is essential. Out there, there are plenty of manufacturers of solar panels, solar batteries, and solar inverters, but of course, not all of them will ensure the highest performance at all times. Inferior quality products usually capture less sunlight, which will be directly reflected in lower savings on your electricity bills.

On the other hand, some companies focus their attention on acquiring solar panels, solar inverter, and solar batteries made by manufacturers with big names in the industry; however, some of these brands do not even have an Australian presence, which means it will take them weeks if not months to replace a defective part of your system.

Why we use Canadian Solar?

At Yuma Energy, we work with brands such as Canadian Solar, the company with the largest Australian presence, more than triple, and another panel manufacturer, ensuring rapid response and service in case something fails.

Checking about the product quality is primordial when thinking of becoming solar-powered. Choosing a company that knows that professional installations and high-quality products are directly related will ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind during the process.

Solar products, equipment, and after-service warranty

If you want to find out if a solar company is confident about its work quality and installation processes, it is a good idea to look at how much it gives you as a warranty for its products and services.

Extended warranties show that they use products built to offer you excellent performance throughout their long lifespan. Reliable solar companies are more interested in building long-lasting relationships with their customers than simply getting a one-time sale.

For example, we offer a 15-year inverter and workmanship warranty, a 15-year racking, mounting, and cabling equipment warranty, and 25 years solar panels warranty.

Solar system maintenance

Investing in renewable energy sources by installing solar on your property is only the beginning of a long journey that could bring you great satisfaction or big headaches. 

When looking for the best solar energy installer in Australia, we recommend looking for companies that offer premium maintenance services.

Be aware that some solar companies subcontract their installs

In other words, they hire external electricians to install your solar system. When systems fail, such companies will often not be there for you, and you will have to pay a lot of money to get your fix done.

Considering that a solar system can endure several years of high performance, relying on an installer who knows how to maintain it and fix problems when parts, batteries, and solar panels are not working well is a must.

Consultation-site evaluation

A must-know fact related to the installation process is that solar systems must adapt to the property, not vice-versa.

When finding an installer, look for solar providers that offer you a complete evaluation and customised design based on your home and business features, such as size, sun exposure, number of people inhabiting it, etc. 

Such factors are essential to guarantee the most appropriate solar system installation and bring the best performance out of your system so you can benefit greatly from your investment.

Solar installer certifications and accreditations

There are two main reasons why accreditations and certifications are essential when looking for a solar retailer.

First, they provide something challenging to find: peace of mind. Counting on accredited installers will help you relax and not worry about the quality of your system installation or after-service. Such certifications demonstrate the company's experience, knowledge, skills, and ethics to properly customise, install and maintain your solar system. 

Always hire a CEC Accredited Installer

And second, hiring a solar company accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) for Installers, this will help you access government incentives and rebates, such as Small-scale Technology Certificates. If you hire a non-certified installer, you will not be able to apply for such incentives, and you will lose the opportunity to access many other benefits.

Customer service

Looking for accredited solar installers that genuinely consider your needs is vital. Good customer service grants complete availability before and after the installation, setting up a group of professionals who are always ready to support you when doubts arise or unexpected events happen.

A company that knows how to make its customers feel at peace embraced, and content with its service is a company that will remain for years to come. 

Check out their reviews on Google or SolarQuotes

Before choosing your solar installation partner, a good tip is to check the company's reviews on Google Reviews or SolarQuotes.com.au or even customers' comments on their social media accounts. Before deciding, make sure to find out what kind of reputation they have and the quality of their response to their customers.


A solar company needs help to serve its customers, and it must always count on partners that can contribute to a more complete service.

Finance is one of those aspects that require external help. Checking on who your potential solar provider financial partner is will help you know more about the best financing methods to acquire and pay for your solar system. Sometimes such companies help you finance your energy system based on the savings from your electricity bill.

In our case, we have partners like Brighte, a company that helps you finance your solar system with 0% upfront cost or through an initial payment with the possibility of financing the rest through your electricity savings.

Every solar company has an extensive portfolio of partners, so researching their practices will also give you good reasons to hire or not such an installer. 

Why not find it all in one solar system installer?

Many solar companies in Australia can actively offer you an installation service that includes some of the aspects described before. Yet, only a few solar installation providers are real specialists that take the challenge further and provide a complete service that integrates them all under the same vision.

Yuma Energy is one of them. 

We work hard to offer a premium service and guarantee our customers' satisfaction beyond a simple sale by providing some of the highest quality solar panel installations in Australia, entirely made by 100% qualified Australian electricians, and providing a product warranty and maintenance service that protects you more years in comparison to our competitors,

We are here to help you turn your home and business into solar.

Now, the decision is yours.

Get in touch with our Solar Experts for your quote today.

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