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Give your business a bright way of saving with solar energy

Offset energy costs
Receive tax incentives
25-year solar panel warranty
Flexible financing options

The time for commercial solar power is now

Control your expenses

Relying on solar energy for your business will help you find a trustworthy energy source, control your expenses now, and hedge against future risks.

Gain greater ROI

Solar energy not only helps you save money on monthly bills, but it also enables you to access government benefits and position your company as a sustainable choice for the planet.

Give more value to your business

Investing in Solar Energy will help increase your property's value, enabling energy bill savings and carbon footprint reduction for potential investors and buyer in the future.

Demonstrate leadership

Installing and utilising solar energy will show your customers that you have the best intentions for the planet and that your practices are coherent and beneficial for all.

Hassle-free & effortless installation with Yuma Energy

On-site inspection
Build a custom system designed to shrink your energy bill.
Use the top quality commercial solar products with an Australian presence
We don't subcontract our installs, ever
Industry leading after sales support
Providing the expertise of CEC-certified installers

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Discover our recent commercial solar projects

Making the switch to solar has never been so easy. From large commercial companies to small businesses, all can benefit from green energy with minimal disruption to their daily operations.
Brisbane, QLD
Nick Scali Townsville

100 KW - Big Commercial

Sydney, NSW
Nick Scali ACT

40 KW - Small Business

Melbourne, VIC
Adam & Noah College, Heritage Park

85 KW - Institutions


Government Incentives

Governments across Australia are encouraging companies to join their mission in protecting the environment by using resources as efficiently as possible. With a range of programs now available, why not make the switch today?

Federal Government

RECs, STCs and LGCs

Federal Government

Economic Stimulus Package

Feed-in Tariffs

Available Nationwide

Upgrade Finance

Available in NSW, Victoria
and South Australia

Clean Energy
Finance Corporation

Competitive Bank Loans

Partnerships & Industry Accreditations


Our solar systems come with an expert team behind them

One of the main differences from our competitors is that we monitor your solar system remotely 24/7, ensuring it always performs at its best. We provide you with an app that will give you access to your solar system information, knowing exactly how much energy your business is producing, consuming, and saving.

System Overview

Shows total generation, consumption and export. You'll also be able to spot any faults before it becomes a real issue.

Live Generation

Instantly updates to give you information on how much solar power is being used at your business in real time.

Historic Graph

Be confident in changing your energy habits and see the outcome of your efforts each day.

Got Questions?

Don't worry! We are here to answer them. Check out our full list of FAQs.

How do I know if I can benefit from commercial solar?

Before installing a commercial solar panel, consider factors such as energy needs, available roof space, sunlight exposure, and budget. Perform an energy analysis to determine the optimal size of the system. Check the condition of your roof and make sure it can support solar panels. Investigate local laws and incentives to maximize your financial return. It is advisable to consult with a reputable solar provider in order to design a system that meets your specific needs.

In conclusion, commercial solar systems can be very profitable, resulting in cost savings, environmental responsibility, and a positive brand image. Determine your energy needs and the feasibility of using solar energy in your location to make an informed decision.

Do commercial solar panels make sense for every size of business… even small and medium?

Commercial solar panels can indeed make sense for businesses of all sizes from small to large enterprises. The key lies in understanding the potential benefits and using tools such as solar calculators. Small and medium-sized businesses can take advantage of commercial solar to significantly reduce their electricity bills, increasing overall costs. The flexibility of solar panel systems allows companies to adapt to their energy needs, providing versatile solutions of varying sizes.

Additionally, the positive effects on the environment and the possibility of government incentives further sweeten the deal. Solar calculators help companies quantify potential investments and evaluate the return on investment. By using solar energy, businesses not only contribute to sustainability but position themselves as environmentally responsible companies, which can be particularly profitable in today’s environmentally conscious market so commercial solar panels offer practical and scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes, providing economic and environmental responsibility to development benefits.

How much can I save on electricity costs by using a commercial solar panel system?

Commercial storage of solar panel systems depends on a variety of factors such as system size, local sunlight conditions, energy consumption, and government incentives. On average, businesses can significantly reduce electricity bills , sometimes 75% or more. The return on investment (ROI) is usually 3 to 7 years.

How much will a solar system cost?

Investing in a commercial solar system requires all sorts of cost factors. The cost of a solar panel system for a commercial building depends on the size of the system, the specific energy needs, the complexity of the installation, and the incentives available for an average solar system trade can range from $2 to $4 per watt installed. For an accurate estimate, consider consulting with a solar professional who can assess the unique needs of your building. Keep in mind that government incentives, tax breaks, and rebates can largely offset the cost, making solar a viable option in the economy over the long term In addition to technological advances and market competition higher which may include pricing. After all, investing in commercial solar not only reduces energy costs but is also consistent with sustainable practices, resulting in environmental and economic benefits long-term benefits.

Who are some of the brands you have worked with?

Yuma Energy works with some major brands in the commercial solar space including Nick Scali, Coates Hire and Plush Leather for all of their stores nationally. Yuma has also installed some major brands such as 100kw at the Penrith Panthers Rugby League Academy.

What is the typical payback on a solar PV system?

Payback periods for commercial solar PV systems vary depending on factors such as system size, location, energy consumption and local incentives. The average commercial solar system pays off in about 4 to 7 years. Larger schemes for commercial buildings can have shorter payback periods due to higher economies of scale and higher energy demands. Government incentives, tax credits, and utility rebates can significantly impact the payback period, making solar installations more attractive to businesses Keep in mind that energy savings, excess energy and potential revenue from selling back to the commercial solar grid are not discussed with solar experts as specific measures in addition to the profitability of your commercial solar project that contributes to long-term economic returns.

What makes Yuma Energy different from cheaper solar companies?

90%+ of solar companies in Australia are simply sales organisations that sell you the solar system and then outsource your installation to a 3rd party contractor company. We aim to ensure that Yuma Energy can fulfil all warranty claims for all customers, long into the future. This is achieved by only accepting the highest standards of solar installation, paying our qualified tradesmen a fair wage, and using only the highest quality products throughout to ensure minimal defects and deficiencies.

Am I eligible for a Government Rebate?

Yes, you may be eligible for government payments when installing commercial solar panels. Many governments are encouraging businesses to adopt sustainable practices such as solar energy. Eligibility is generally based on factors such as solar system size, location, and compliance with specific regulations. Commercial properties that invest in solar panels can benefit from tax breaks, subsidies, or other economic incentives. It is advisable to check with your local government or relevant authorities to understand the specific requirements and application process. Additionally, consulting with a solar professional can help ensure that your commercial solar panels meet all eligibility criteria and maximize refinancing opportunities.

How long does it take to install commercial solar panels?

There are many factors that can affect the timing when installing commercial solar panels. The size of the solar panel system, the complexity of the installation, and local regulations all play a role. The average installation of commercial solar panels can take weeks to months.

The process usually involves a site inspection, obtaining the necessary permits, and coordinating with utilities. The actual installation phase can take several days to weeks, depending on the size of the system. Larger commercial solar systems may require more time for wiring and connections.

It is important to work with experienced solar contractors who can provide detailed timelines based on your specific project. Factors such as weather and unforeseen challenges can affect the installation process. Expert planning and communication with experienced installers can simplify the process, ensuring timely and successful installation of professional solar installations.

How much maintenance is required for a solar panel system?

Commercial solar panel systems generally require little maintenance, making them a cost-effective, sustainable energy solution. Regular maintenance by qualified technicians is recommended to ensure proper operation. Cleaning solar panels a few times a year helps remove dust and debris that can accumulate and interfere with performance. Make sure the connections are loose, checking the wiring and checking the inverter are important tasks. Many commercially available solar systems come with monitoring software, which allows users to monitor their performance remotely. Periodic professional inspections can identify potential issues early, preventing major problems. Overall, with proper installation and regular inspections, commercial solar panels are easy to maintain, ensuring reliable energy and effective for your commercial building.

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