Choosing Your Solar Provider:

How To Buy With Confidence
Looking for a reliable solar provider in Australia? 
Don't fall for common pitfalls like faulty panels or 
unreliable installers. Navigate the maze with our simplified 4-step guide to the best solar installer 
for you.


Is your provider approved or 
accredited? Know the difference.

It's more than a label - it's your safeguard for a solar investment that delivers. Choose wisely for long-lasting energy solutions.
Approved Solar retailer
Do they outsource installations 
to third-party contractors?
Can they identify and verify these contractors are certified to ensure top-notch installations?
Do they utilise premium mounting and cabling components for their installations?
Did their sales tactics feel high-pressure or predatory?
Were their prices unusually low in 
comparison to the market rate?
accredited installers
Do they display the Clean Energy Council badge, certifying them as an "Accredited Solar Installer" like Yuma Energy?
Why is this important? 
  • Industry-leading standards in safety and expertise.
  • Continually updated training on technical accuracy and quality.
  • Direct line of accountability from installation to after-sales service.
  • Access to government rebates you won’t get elsewhere.


Have you verified they employ 
multiple accredited installers?

Don't just take their word for it. Use the Clean Energy Council's website to confirm if your provider fields more than one accredited installer. Multiple experts mean multiple layers
of quality assurance for your solar investment. Here is a breakdown of the results you need to look out for: 
No results? This suggests the company outsources installations to third-party contractors.
Only one result? It could indicate a small company or a primary reliance on third-party contractors, with just one accredited installer in-house.
Two or more accredited installers? That's the ideal scenario.
Another important tip! Check if the installer's business name match the company you're considering. They should always align with the solar provider's full name.


Checked their business history yet? Know who you are dealing with!

Use the ABN Lookup website for the lowdown on your solar provider. It's not just a check; it's essential intel for an investment that stands the test of time. As you navigate this step, consider the following crucial questions:

Are They Beating the 4.5-Year Odds?

Choose companies with more than 4.5 years under their belt - that's the average lifespan of the 700+ Australian solar companies that went under. Longevity isn't just a number; it's your safety net.

Just Homes or Big Business Too?

Companies with both residential and commercial projects dodge the saturation bullet, giving you more peace of mind.

Got Any Big-Name Contracts?

Look for long-term, high-value partnerships in their portfolio. It's a solid sign they're in it for the long haul, not the quick buck. Yuma Energy, for instance, has established partnerships with renowned brands like Nick Scali and Plush Leather for commercial solar projects.


Got a Warranty That Packs a Punch?

Dig into proposals for warranties that don't just talk, but deliver. Ask the right questions to guarantee peak performance and unmatched support—your solar investment deserves no less.
Is the comprehensive warranty sufficient? 80% of providers offer only a 5-year warranty, while the remaining 20% extend it to 10 years.
Are crucial components like cabling covered by the warranty?
Do they offer performance guarantees or mere estimates? Will they provide compensation if your system fails or underperforms?
Is there a specified timeline for repairs in case of issues?
Do they offer remote monitoring for your system?

Ready to Power Up? Make Your Move Now!

You're armed with the insights and questions that matter. Don't let your solar investment become a gamble - choose 
a provider that checks all your boxes and secures your energy future. From accreditation to warranties, you know what to look for.


Use our quick 4-step guide as your checklist when consulting with solar providers.


Don't trust, verify! Use the Clean Energy Council and ABN Lookup sites to double-check your choice.