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Yuma Energy is an industry leader providing exceptional solar products and services to Gold Coast's local communities. We consider every characteristic of your home, such as its size, light exposure, and family members that inhabit it. This way, we design and install a customised solar system that helps you save energy and ensure peak performance. If you're considering a switch to solar power in the Gold Coast area, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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This is a basic solar system size calculator based on your quarterly power bill. Our expert team in Gold Coast will go into further detail to confirm the best system size for you including a discussion around future proofing your solar.
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Efficient and effective solar power in Gold Coast

Yuma Energy is the solar service provider of choice for homes and businesses in the Gold Coast. Our team of experts have years of experience installing and servicing a range of systems across the country, giving you quick, easy installation regardless of your location. From solar panel set-up to energy-saving solutions, we provide comprehensive service tailored to your individual needs.

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We have an office in Brisbane and a strong installation network right across South East Queensland.

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We are a trusted and reliable solar energy provider, with 5 star reviews in Google.


Let our Gold Coast team help you with pricing, rebates and incentives for solar power in South East Queensland.

Peace of mind that we are doing aswe promised

We are so confident in our solar products and services in the Gold Coast that we offer the industry’s most comprehensive warranty for solar installations. If they don't perform to the level that we quoted, we’ll either provide you with cash back or upgrade your solar system to make up the difference.

The Yuma Difference

Yuma Energy
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15 Years
Workmanship Warranty
15 Years Inverter
15 Years Mounting &
Cabling Warranty
25 Years Panel
30+ Directly Employed
Individual CEC
Installers Accreditation
Australian Owned
5 Day Rapid Repairs
Remote System
Monitoring & Alerts
Free 24 Month
Maintenance Checks
Money back
performance guarantee
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Our simple, hassle free installation process

Discovery Call
We provide you a free initial consultation call to analyse your bill and energy habits so we can start to understand your needs for a new solar system.
Professional Consultation
Guided by professional technicians, you will know every detail of why a solar system is exactly what you need. We know your home differs from others and requires personalised service to grant you the best benefits to save money on energy bills each month.
Paper Work Submit & Approval by DNSP
We install solar systems based on your house's features and particular needs. We know your home differs from others and requires personalised service to grant you the best benefits.
System Installation
We use only the highest quality materials and equipment to install your solar system, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting solution. Our skilled installers take great care to ensure that your system is installed safely and efficiently.
Smart Metre Upgrade
Our team of professionals arrange for the smart meter upgrade to be completed at the same time as your solar system installation. This ensures a smooth transition to solar energy and allows you to start reaping the benefits right away.
Lifetime Support
We are renowned for having one of the best premium guarantees and after-sale support. If your system fails or needs care, we will be there for you, no matter what.

Got Questions?

Don't worry! We are here to answer them. Check out our full list of FAQs.

How do I know if solar is right for me?

Considering a residential solar installation? Determine your energy needs, location, and roof condition. If you get enough sunlight and have a decent roof, home solar panels are ideal. Consult with experts and evaluate your specific situation, explore solar equipment financing options for a customised solution.

How much will solar save me on electricity costs?

Home solar panels can significantly reduce electricity bills. Savings depend on factors such as system size, energy consumption, and local sunlight availability. On average, homeowners get a big discount, which eliminates some expenses entirely. Consider financing solar panels to make the initial investment more manageable and achieve long-term savings.

How much will a solar system cost?

At Yuma Energy, we know there's no one-size fits all when it comes to solar energy solutions. That's why our experienced team helps you select the perfect system at a price that makes sense! As a starting point a 6.66kW solar system should cost you between $6,500-$10,000 for lowest to highest quality, this is your out of pocket expense after the Australian Government rebate is applied.

What is the typical payback on a solar PV system?

Payback periods for home solar systems vary but are generally around 5-10 years. Government incentives, energy savings, and property values ​​also contribute to faster return on investment. Explore solar panel financing options to speed up your payback period and achieve long-lasting financial benefits.

What makes us different from cheaper solar companies?

We want quality over price. While cheaper solar companies may cut corners, our residential solar installations ensure high quality products and professional services. Invest in sustainability, efficiency, and reliability, and ensure your solar system maximises long-term investment and environmental impact.

Does Yuma offer any performance guarantees?

YES! We are so confident in the quality of our products and install that we guarantee the level of performance of our systems. If they don't perform to the level we guarantee you then we will either provide you with cash back for the difference in generation or install additional panels to make up the difference. This is a one of a kind offer that ensures our customers are always getting what we promised. Further to this we actually send you 4 x system health check reports in the first 2 years to show you the solar system is working as promised..

What type of warranty do you provide?

Yuma Energy stands out from its competitors due to its extensive workmanship and inverter warranties of 15 years, which is double/triple more than the industry standard and longer than what many other companies offer. This extended warranty period covers the quality of the installation, as well as all racking, mounting and cabling equipment used in the system. Yuma Energy's approach makes a huge difference to the savings achieved by customers over time.

Do you subcontract your installers?

Yuma does not subcontract its installs, EVER. All of Yuma’s directly employed electricians have their own individual CEC certification to install solar, this means every job we install for both residential and commercial customers are completed to the highest standards, which ensures a premium quality installation that has been given the time and attention that a customer would expect when trusting a business with their most valuable asset.

Are there financing options available for me? 

We have multiple finance options including $0 up front affordability plans. Customers can finance the solar system without paying anything up front. The customer can then use the quarterly savings the solar system generations off their power bill to pay the finance repayments. In many cases customers are "cost positive", this means the solar system will save them a greater amount per quarter off their power bill than the quarterly finance repayments for the solar system costs.

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