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With the help of Yuma Energy, Joel installed a 10kW solar system, with higher warranties and performance guarantees than his other quotes. He now saves $650 every quarter, meaning he will break even on his system after four years and profit by over $28,000 over the 15-year life of his solar system.
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Tammy's average quarterly invoice use to range from $600 to $900 before Yuma Energy installed her solar panels. Now it has been reduced to only $100 after installation. Yuma Energy made the process easy and communication between their staff was key throughout the job.
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Vic and Sue Suchocki and his wife recently retired and had a solar system installed on their Brisbane home by Yuma Energy. They chose Yuma due to their positive reviews and the fact that they provided in-house installers, extended warranties, monitored the system afterwards and guaranteed a quality product.
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